“We are what repeatedly do. Excellence, therefore is not an act but a habit.” Aristotle

"At the starting line we are all cowards" Alberto Salazar

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Holy S$%#!

My greatest fear of being a long distance runner came to fruition today at mile 10.2 over the roar of Pitbull, a rumbling coming from the depths of my bowels was heard and felt that could only signal trouble…big trouble and within seconds my butt literally exploded! The first thing that came to mind was thank God I wasn’t running commando today! And then reality hit me hard and fast. I was still 1.8 miles from my car and 15 minutes from home. I have never ever wanted a Jennie in a bottle or magic wand more in my life than right at that very moment! As I began my slow walk UP the hill to my car I had plenty of time to think about the progress I had made. A year ago running 10.2 miles doing interval training up hills in 80 degree weather was not in the cards. I was simply too fat! I also realized that I wasn’t the first athlete and certainly not the last to have this humbling experience happen to them. Today my Milepost quote said “Unless you’re not pushing yourself, you’re not living to the fullest. You can’t be afraid to fail, but unless you fail, you haven’t pushed hard enough.” I didn’t fail today I simply push myself harder than I ever dreamed possible. Thank you MLFC ladies for always giving me the courage and the strength to keep pushing forward. Sometimes S#%$ just happens!

Picture #1-Beginning of my run, Picture #2 That “Oh S#$%” moment, Picture #3
A lovely reptile friend I almost step on while running. I may or may not have screamed like a small child…lol